Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ICE Conference 2016: Jessica Weldon

During the last week of February, thirteen teachers from York were able to attend the ICE Conference.  The ICE Conference is an annual gathering for educators from across the state who want to share and learn more about how technology and innovative teaching can be used to help their students learn.  Throughout this week, teachers who attended the conference will be sharing a bit of what they learned at the conference.  

Today we'll be hearing from Jessica Weldon, Department Chair of Research & Social Science and AP Econ (Macro and Micro) teacher.  

"I learned about EdPuzzle which will allow you to create short assessments with any digital video clip and it will allow you to access your students' results.

I also learned about thinking about a culture of change and innovation must be honored by leadership. It was an inspiration talk about the culture of change in leadership is developed through focus, change and community. Embrace ideas, don't say no, say how, and narrow the focus for all educators as much as possible so that we can do the good work we want to do."

If you want to learn more about these things, talk to Jess or an ITC!

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