Monday, March 14, 2016

ICE Conference 2016: Erica Drumm

During the last week of February, thirteen teachers from York were able to attend the ICE Conference.  The ICE Conference is an annual gathering for educators from across the state who want to share and learn more about how technology and innovative teaching can be used to help their students learn.  Throughout this week, teachers who attended the conference will be sharing a bit of what they learned at the conference.  

Today we'll be hearing from Erica Drumm, our librarian extraordinaire.

I walked away from the day with a philosophical boost and a few helpful tools. One helpful tool came from one of the vendors, Scholastic. Here's what they shared:

Among some other resources, this site from Scholastic has some great images to foster brainstorming for creative writing. Click on memoir, fiction, poetry, or humor then Brainstorm.

Memoir Brainstorming Example:

Short Fiction Brainstorming Example:

Poetry Brainstorming Example:

It's a great resource for students who lack inspiration.

If you want to learn more about these things, talk to Erica or an ITC!

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