Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Adding School Calendars to Your Google Calendar

Would you like more advance notice about interim grading deadlines?  Do you wish you'd known about staff photo day more than 24 hours in advance?  Are you interested in knowing when important after-school activities are happening, so you can attend or talk about them with your students?  

If so, you might want to add the York Academic and/or York Activity  Google Calendars to your own Google Calendar.  

Directions for Adding Shared Calendars

Click the link for the calendar you want to add.

  • Academic

  • Activity 

  • A new tab will open that looks like this:

    In the bottom right, click on the icon

    A new tab will open to Google Calendar and a pop-up box: 

    Click “Yes, add this calendar”

    You can toggle the calendar layer off and on by clicking on the colored square to the left of the Calendar title in your Other calendars list.

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